What makes us so unique?

Bury Yourself in the Absolute Serenity and Beauty of Balinese main Chakra spot — ancient valley at footsteps of Volcano Agung!

Very strong healing energy

Bali has a very strong healing energy and the footprint of this ancient valley has been confirmed by scientists to hold a very powerful magnetic energy making your week stay with us a prolific transformation in your yoga journey, whatever your orientation or reason for joining us.

The Yoga Village above the clouds is a special place to come away to find tranquility far away from civilization, 1 hour outside of Ubud in the Munduk Valley. Surrounded by volcanic mountains, the magnetic energy of the ancient valley makes it one of the top 10 spots in the World for you to find your inner-peace and develop your Yoga and meditation practice, where the air is clean and fresh, away from the noise and light pollution of the tourist areas of Bali.

Mount Agung has huge spiritual significance to the people of the island, and is home to the ‘Mother Temple’ of Besakih. It forms part of a chain of volcano that make up the back bone of Bali. Balinese legend has it that Agung was created when the Hindu God Pasupati split Mount Meru (the spiritual axis of the universe) and formed Mount Agung with a fragment.
The volcano spreads around itself for many thousands of kilometers the energy wave of various frequencies, including powerful electromagnetic, light and also on a subtle plane a certain information program that carries the impulse for the birth of life. The released energy, including the electromagnetic energy of high frequencies, is necessary to maintain the connection of the highest mountain peaks with cosmic objects -stars and constellations, which control the evolution in our segment of the galaxy.
Why do we recommend meditating on volcanoes? Such way activated our ancient connection with the mechanism of the origin of life, with the rhythms of life of the planet, and these rhythms, in turn, are associated with the cycles of the development of planets and stars.
Through the connection with the energy of volcanoes, we received information that volcanoes as part of mountain formations are associated with the program for the evolution of dense layers of the Earth, which is a multivariate experiment with forms of consciousness at different stages of the planet’s development, from transforming fine matter into denser matter to the appearance of different forms Life. Knowing the experimental forms in the history of the planet, we remember, we are approaching the source of life, but at the same time learn not to become attached to the form, because we understand that the Spirit places itself in different forms for the purpose of cognition.
Meditation on volcanoes opens up new multiple variants of development, which are capable of ensuring the integrity of cognition, personal transformation and self healing. 

Decreases physical & emotional pain

Decreases depression & anxiety

Decreases inflammation at a cellular level

Improves cardiovascular health & controls Diabetes

Volcano Agung - Magical Awakening

Stunning Discoveries Have Scientists Confirming the the Magical Awakening Energy Healing of Volcano Agung!
it is important to understand that we able to access the energetic signature of anything at an elemental level. This means we can send the energy of earth, air, fire, water, as well as any subset of those. We could flow the energy of fire to reawaken a person’s passion, flow the element of water to bring their emotional body into serenity, calm the mind with the element of air as well as relax the physical body with the element of earth. We can flow the energy of fire as fire, or as a subset of that such as the aarti flame, the ritual fire used to be closer to the Divine in Hindu rituals. Or, another subset of fire could be angel fire, a beautiful cleansing light from the angelic realm. Also, the fire of a volcano can be accessed, as well as more possibilities of fire. Each of these possibilities has their own unique energetic signature, and therefore adds a unique energetic flavor to a healing. The same is true with the element of earth, which a healer can access as simply the generic element of earth or any subset of that element, such as specific gemstones, healing crystals, or power spots on the planet such as Volcano Agung — one of the uniguest place on the planet that holds healing potential in the form of its energy signature.


Increases blood flow & protects the spine

Increases strength, balance & flexibility

Increases cortical thickness in areas related to paying attention

Increases discipline, focus & attention

Increased flexibility

The practice of yoga can make your body more flexible, giving your muscles and your joints a greater range of motion.

Maintaining a balanced metabolism

Yoga’s deep breathing and meditation practices help foster an inner shift from struggles to something a little bit bigger than the issues you face.Regular yoga practice can influence weight loss

Increased muscle strength and tone

Yoga will help tone your body but while it’s doing that, it also helps you to be truly in the moment and infuses your spirit with positive energy.

Weight reduction

Besides strengthening your heart and lungs, aerobic exercise can help lower your cholesterol, reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes, improve your immune function, and lower your blood pressure.

Improved respiration, energy and vitality

The original context of yoga was spiritual development practices to train the body and mind to self observe and become aware of their own nature.

Cardio and circulatory health

Between lowering blood pressure, increasing circulation, and lowering bad cholesterol, it’s no wonder that yoga helps to lower a person’s risk of heart disease.